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Dental Health Services | Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma, AZ

Kids Need to See a Dentist that Specializes in Children

Not just any old dentist will do for your child. Pediatric dentists are trained in the special care required for the complex needs of a developing mouth. For an expert in the progression of primary and secondary teeth, come in and see Dr. Cullen at Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma.

Children's Dentist | Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma, AZ

Child-Friendly Office

Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma eases children into their dental appointments with a fun atmosphere and attitude. We want to keep things light, happy, and comfortable to eliminate any fears they may have. Your child will be excited to have a healthy smile and actually want to come to see us! A positive dental experience with us will prepare your child for a lifetime of good dental hygiene and tooth care.

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Bring your child in to meet our caring staff! We will introduce them to how great healthy teeth feel. Call 928-329-9565 or contact us to make your child’s appointment!